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A New World
"Wait up Dagger!"
Three most common words used these days.  Zidane, Eiko and Vivi were racing after the Queen, the group had ditched Steiner and Beatrix what seemed like hours ago.  While they all knew her real name was Garnet, Zidane could not seem to stop calling her Dagger.  That, to some extent, aggravated Garnet, now that she was Queen of Alexandria.  At the same time, it relieved her, reminding her that she was still young, and careless.
Nay… foolish.
Garnet came to a sudden halt at the edge of the cliff, the water rushing past her on the side.  She turned around and laughed, her yellow-orange jumper replaced with the same colored skirt and bodice with a white peasant shirt.  Her hair had grown back, it was mid-back again, and her dark eyes danced in the light.  She thrust her hip to the side, her fist connecting with it as she tapped her foot, "You guys are so slow!"
Eiko thrust her hands out, the earth a
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List 14: Cyrene's Talent :iconvampressakyra:VampressAkyra 1 5
A Companion's Heart Chapter 1
"Saber, please report to the Patriarch's office after this lesson."  Madame Trion said softly, all small talk in the outside room died, even the nearby birds had fallen silent.  Madame Trion was an average sized woman, not overly thin, nor would one ever dare to say she was on the heavy side, she was a medium build, and had a beautiful face and voice.  She generally wore pastel colors, like the pale pink dress and powder blue full length jacket.  She wore selenium earrings and her maple brown hair was swept up in a simple but eloquent bun, two selenium hair sticks keeping it in place with pale pink tassels hanging from the ends.  She had a necklace jeweled with pink and blue and a matching bracelet on one hand, a ring on the other.  The mentor always smelt like magnolia blossoms, and her makeup was always a perfect blend on her face, to the point of one would never even notice she was wearing makeup.
Saber looked up, brushing
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The New Professor
"Raed Wolf."
A groan, "It's Flame.  Really now - how many times do I have to say that?"  Came the reply.  A sulky boy, black dyed hair and golden brown eyes glared up at the professor, "I mean, you hear it every year since I got to the school."
"And I will call you as Raed Wolf, Mister Wolf, until your name is legally changed."  The professor responded.  Of course, with a last name of Wolf, that was the end of the attendance roster.  The Professor turned around and tapped the board with his wand.  The first lesson of the new year.  Hogwarts had changed a lot…  Too much in the Hispoves' eyes.
And who were the Hispoves?  That would be Renaissance 'Parasel' Riddle, Lorelai 'Silver' Wolf and Raed 'Flame' Wolf.  When Silver and Flame transferred to Hogwarts in their third year life had changed for Renaissance.  She had been a loaner of types, not wanting to get close
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The Naming of Cimmerian
It was known well, especially in warm climates like this.  A ruffle of wings was heard, wind whispered past two figures.  They were roughly the same height and medium build.  It was easy to assume the two were male, and human…
Mainly, at least.  They both seemed to have wings.
"So… the protector of children has come to join me at last."  The figure that spoke hard deep black wings, black hair and eyes.  His lips curled into a mixture of a snicker and snarl.  He crossed his arms, and switched his weight, waiting for the other to respond.
A moment past.  "I don't need your games, Samuel."  The second male flipped his hair back.  It was much longer, and a deep rich black that had a hue of blue.  True black was never black enough.  His own eyes were a deep chocolate brown, but turning darker as time passed on.  His own wings were pure white at
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Mature content
Angel Assasin Chapter 4 :iconvampressakyra:VampressAkyra 0 13
Angel Assassin Chapter 3
The woman moved silently through the village, her hood drawn up.  Of course a few things caught her attention as she moved, but for the most part she stayed to herself.  The children playing about brought back painful memories of her little siblings being destroyed by the hands of Demons.
A dog ran past and around her, followed by a young boy.  She smiled at the pair as they yipped and laughed, the boy throwing a ball and the dog running after it.  Of course, the boy was quick to follow - fetch must have applied to him as well.  It was a simple community, in all honesty, they lived and worked together.  In peace.  This is what she was fighting for.  This is what was taken from her, and she would not allow it to be taken from them as well.
She sighed as she got to the gate again, a new guard greeted her.  She said her farewells and continued on the path she abandoned yesterday.  Each step
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Angel Assasin Chapter 2 :iconvampressakyra:VampressAkyra 0 34
Mature content
Angel Assassin Cont. :iconvampressakyra:VampressAkyra 0 4

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Disney Fan
Feasibly I guess this could be considered a self drawing - since I was wearing my Disney sweater while drawing it? Just chibi practice :D
Brains so STRONG
I have been practicing chibi sketching in my notes at school. I will be eventually going back to practicing digital, but for now it's easier to do a 20 minute sketch in class.

Not inspired by anything, but the hair reminded me of brains. 


Mary Allen
United States
So I think a long time ago they had a bunch of random questions to fill out, like skin choice? I'm not sure where it went... but I haven't been on dA in so long I am surprised I remembered my password.


And guess whats inside it...


I've been listening to this for forever now.

ON a more serious note:

I'm going to be posting things today - and hopefully working on other things, so yay!
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